Willow Pond Farm Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
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This is a list of supplies we like to have on hand when kidding time arrives. It is by no means comprehensive and there may be other items that you've found to be helpful. If so, we'd love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us at DDL@NDGOATS.com.


 - Alcohol, 70% isopropyl
 - Bleach
 - 2 Buckets of Warm Water, 1 for dam to drink and 1 for cleaning
 - Coffee, NOT decafeinated. (Can be used as an energy boost for dam or kids.)
 - Colostrum Replacer (gel or paste) or Colostrum, previously frozen & thawed*
   *DO NOT microwave frozen colostrum
 - Corn Syrup or Molasses, blackstrap preferred
 - Cotton Balls
 - Dental Floss, for tying off umbilical cords
 - Gatorade, for electrolyte replacement in dam
 - Gloves, disposable vinyl or white cotton
 - Goat coats, for warming cold kids
 - Joy Dish Detergent: may be used in place of surgical lube
 - KY Jelly (or Surgical Lube)
 - Molasses, blackstrap preferred or Corn Syrup
 - NutriDrench (or Power Punch)
 - OB Loop or Kid Puller (baling twine works in a pinch)
 - Old Rags
 - Oral Syringe, 60 ml
 - Petroleum jelly
 - Povidone Iodine, 7% as surgical scrub and for dipping umbilical cords
 - Power Punch (or NutriDrench)
 - ProBios, for dams and kids
 - Puppy Pads or folded newspaper on which to place newborn kids
 - Small pill bottle or film cannister for dipping umbilical cords with iodine
 - Surgical Lube (or KY Jelly)
 - Surgical Scissors, for cutting umbilical cords
 - Syringes (1ml, 3ml) and Hypodermic Needles (18- and 22-gauge, 3/4”)
 - Thermometer, rectal/digital
 - Towels - LOTS of towels


 - Banamine injectable, Rx only, for shock, fever, or pain
 - BoSe injectable, for weak kids
 - C & D Antitoxin (NOT TOXOID)
 - CMPK drench for milk fever
 - Dextramethasone injectable, Rx only
 - Fortified Vitamin B-complex injectable
 - Oxytocin injectable, Rx only
 - Propylene glycol for toxemia
 - Tetanus Antitoxin (NOT TOXOID)
 - Thiamine (Vit B1) injectable, Rx only

Simply LegenDAIRY:

STRONG Conformation. PROVEN Production.

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