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Willow Pond Farm
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STRONG Conformation. PROVEN Production.

If either of the listed groups interests you, kindly EMAIL us at DDL@NDGOATS.COM
The time has come to turn the page to a new chapter in life. Its title is Simplify.  Looking back over this incredible journey, which began in early 2007, there are many milestones and achievements to count - all a blessing from the Lord. Built off 2 paternal half-sisters, our ADGA-registered herd began with the dreams of a young girl, who challenged herself to rise above the competition by finishing her own homebred champions - and she did!  From SGCH Waterloo Pond RHP Nutmeg 3*M AR EEEV 90, who in 2012 was Number ONE in the country for High Milk and Number TWO for High Score in the 2012 AGS One Day Test Awards and Number Seven at the 2016 ADGA National Show for (Nigerian Dwarf) Produce of Dam, to her daughter, SGCH Waterloo Pond RCT White Pepper 3*M EEEE 91, with milk stars, JuJu Awards, and rosettes galore, the Waterloo Pond herd boasts percentages of homebred goats with Grand Champion titles and/or Superior Genetics that rival those in some of the best known herds in the country. We "did the math" at the encouragement of a buyer who was searching the country to       

                                                  understandably diversify her herd's genetics after buying several Waterloo Pond goats as her initial stock. We
                                                  have had the privilege of helping numerous buyers start and/or fine tune their own herds and breeding goals.
                                                  Many are repeat buyers who are exceptionally pleased with both the Waterloo Pond stock they purchased
                                                  and the progeny those goats have produced. The reviews in our Guest Book speak for themselves. That
                                                  Waterloo Pond goats continue to show, produce, and appraise well in their new herds attests to the
                                                  consistent quality we have dedicated ourselves to producing in generation after generation; and we are
                                                  very grateful for the work put in by our buyers in achieving those milk stars, Superior Genetics, and
                                                 Grand Champion titles.                                

​​We have not purchased a doe
since buying our initial breeding stock in 2007. In "breeding up," we have used both purchased bucks and homebred bucks, including Waterloo Pond Tur-Beauz Rocket *S VEE 86, the very first kid ever born here. Yes, we took that gamble - and it paid off handsomely! Several of "Rocky's" beautiful daughters have won GCH and/or have Superior Genetics designation; and his son, Waterloo Pond TR's Comet *B VEV 87, was an absolute show stealer when one judge proclaimed "that damn little Nigerian" his Best in Show over an outstanding Alpine and an equally worthy Saanen. Our collective genetics include NC PromisedLand, Rosasharn, Chenango-Hills, Buttin'Heads, Buffalo Clover Valentino - yes, that's where the moonspots came from, Little Tots Estate, Pocket Sized, and Old Mountain Farm.

We are pleased to offer the groups listed below based on their shared qualities, temperament, and complementary genetics. All of the goats offered were "keepers" chosen from stellar kid crops that sold quickly. We intend to make the transition easiest on all involved - the goats, you, and ourselves - with minimal impact on production. Individual prices are assigned and consistent with our prices over the last several years and are well within pricing of comparable herds in Virginia. Preference will be given to those purchasing suggested groups and we will offer a 10% discount on groups purchased IN THEIR ENTIRETY. A 25% non-refundable deposit paid by cashier's check or PAYPAL will hold your goats and arrangements MUST be made to pick them up within 2 weeks of our receipt of your deposit. NO exceptions will be made. If not picked up, your deposit will be forfeited. Noteworthy: We DO have the ADGA certificates for every goat in our herd, including 2021 kids.

Since 2007, we have tested our entire herd annually for CAE, CL, and Johnes and have always been 100% clean.  Our herd has been closed for several years and no goat has been off property since we last tested in early 2020. Test results are available upon request.

For the sake of simplicity, ALL correspondence must be made via email sent to DDL@NDGOATS.com. We are happy to answer any questions submitted by email and are excited to see where our beloved goats go!


DOB: 04/17/2018

Sire: ​CH Wildwind Farm Epic VEE 90
​​​​​​​SS: CH Old Mountain Farm QuentinQuinn VEV 88
SD: Old Mountain Farm Ann Curry +VVV 87​

​​Dam: SGCH Waterloo Pond RCT White Pepper 3*M AR EEEE 91
DS:​​ Rosasharn GM Carolina Trojan VVV 87
DD: SGCH Waterloo Pond RHP Nutmeg 3*M AR 2*D
EEEV 90​​​​

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One SWEET Wether
DOB: 02/23/21​