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The care and tending of a quality herd of Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats need not be
​a daunting task.  There are myriad resources available for the novice and expert alike.
We consider ourselves a bit of both and are happy to share with you resources that we've found helpful.  Click on any link to learn more.

​Disclaimer:​ Willow Pond Farm Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats is not responsible for outcomes associated with use of information we share here.  If ever a question remains
the reader's mind,  please consult a veterinarian specializing in small ruminants.​


Breeding Dairy Goats

*Line Breeding​​

*Keep or Cull?

Caprine Conformation​​​

*Dairy Character​

*Depth of Body

*Head Structure

*Legs and Feet

*Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats


*Understanding Rump Structure

*​Feeding "Pasture-in-a-Bag"

*Nutritional Analysis​​ & Information

Health & Husbandry

Copper Deficiency in Pygmy Goats

*Feeding During Pregnancy

*Kidding Supplies

*A Parasite Primer

*Parasite Control

*Stylish Coats for Fashion-F​orward Goats (simple goat coat pattern & instructions)

​​*H​​ow to Trim Goat Hooves the Right Way

*The Art of Tattooing a Goat

    - EXCELLENT blogpost with step by step directions by our friend, Karen Torrence

    - YouTube video demonstration by our friend, Logan Meyer
*Toxic Plants and the Common Caprine

​​Suppliers & Other Helpful Sites

*Caprine Supply

Care-A-Lot Pet Supply
*F​​ias Co Farm

     - Goat Care, Information, Health & Husbandry

     - Cheese Making & Home Dairying Information

     - Natural/Alternative Care for Animals, Pets & People

*Fir Meadows (herbal supplies and natural feed additives)

*Hoegger Supply Company
*Jeffers Livestock

*Sydell  (livestock equipment)

*Stackyard Agriculture on the Web​​

*Valley Vet​​  (horse supplies, pet supplies, farm & ranch, goat supplies, human health)


Simply LegenDAIRY:

STRONG Conformation. PROVEN Production.

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