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Located in Northern VA~Members AGS/ADGA/CGC/VSDGA
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​Waterloo Pond T Sassafras 5*M AR
​E+EV 88
DOB: 05-02-15
Sire: Proctor Hill Farm Troubadour *S
SG Waterloo Pond RCT Ginger
​4*M 3*D AR

"Sassy" is a very promising 3F and the culmination of many years' work. She stands on very correct feet and legs, blends smoothly, is well balanced in length, and excels in General Appearance.
​Like her dam, SG Waterloo Pond RCT Ginger 4*M AR, Sassy MILKS!
​As a 2F, Sassy effortlessly put 840 pounds of milk in the pail in 259 days.​
Her paternal grandsire and great grandsire have repeatedly been named to the
​ADGA Elite Sire list. We are retained her "mini-me" daughter, Mitmita, and look forward to getting this dam & daughter pair in the show ring!

Waterloo Pond CR Miata 5*M
​VEVV 86 
DOB: 5/7/2016
Sire: Little Tots Estate PC Cruiser 
Dam: Waterloo Pond PSZP Selene
​4*M AR 

Miata is a smaller doe with strong dairy character and a strong will to milk.  She is ALL business and NOT one for pictures. Our 2017 appraiser was very impressed by how MUCH milk she carried as a First Freshener and how WELL she carried it. Miata's udder is a considerable improvement over her dam's, with greater rear udder height, better attachments, and a soft, buttery texture. In her first lactation, she earned her star in components (32 lbs of butterfat, 21 lbs of protein). As a 2F, she  earned her star in milk and achieved Advanced Registry designation.
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