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Willow Pond Farm
Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
Waterloo Pond CR Miata 5*M AR VEVV 86
DOB: 05-07-16
Sire: Little Tots Estate PC Cruiser VEE 90
​Dam: Waterloo Pond PSZP Selene 4*M AR VVV+ 84

Miata boasts excellent dairy strength coupled with a strong will to milk. She has excellent milk stand manners and an a soft, pliable udder that milks down to nothing. She has matured nicely and now has the body capacity and rump that allow her to carry her kids well and deliver them easily. She passes her strengths to her kids as evidenced by her daughter, Kit Kat, who, though a first freshener, was awarded GCH and BOB at the 2019 State Fair of Virginia.
Waterloo Pond T Sassafras 5*M AR ​E+EV 88
DOB: 05-02-15

Sire: Proctor Hill Farm Troubadour *S VEE 90
SG Waterloo Pond RCT Ginger ​4*M 3*D AR EVEV 90

"Sassy" is a doe that always elicits judges' high regards for her excellent general appearance. She also boasts an E in legs, feet, back, rump, and body capacity. She carries her kids well and delivers them easily. ​Like her dam, Ginger, Sassy MILKS!
​Her paternal grandsire and great grandsire have repeatedly been named to the ​ADGA Elite Sire list.
Waterloo Pond SD Kit Kat 6*M
DOB: 02-09-08
Sire: Little Tots Estate Sugar Daddy *B VVV 87
Dam: Waterloo Pond CR Miata 5*M AR VEVV 86
THIS DOE may well be the future of our herd! She is long, lovely, milks, stands perfectly on correct feet and legs and has the udder we have been waiting for since our herd began! Though a first freshener, she was awarded Grand Champion of the 2019 State Fair of VA and won Best of Breed over a finished champion whose dam and sire we also bred. She is an eager milker like her dam and a further improvement in an already LegenDAIRY line.

Willow Pond Farm Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
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Waterloo Pond CR Ferrari 2*M AR 
DOB:  05-03-16
Sire:  Little Tots Estate PC Cruiser VVV 89
Dam: SGCH Waterloo Pond Bo's Boca Grande 1*M *D AR VVEV 88

 Blue-eyed Ferrari was a standout at birth and keeping her to continue Boca's legacy was a given.  Her sire,
Cruiser, is a 4X JR CH who also placed well as a SR buck in 2016 & 2017 and won GCH/BIS and RGCH at the 2018 MDGA Buck Show against strong competition. FAST like the car she is named for, Ferrari is proving to be a STRONG milker and exceeded the requirements for her star in milk, butterfat, and protein in less that 240 days as a First Freshener. Her kids, sired by Little Tots Estate Sugar Daddy *B, have all been correct and flashy. We retained a daughter from that pairing in 2019 and hope to do so again this year.